Episode 28

Published on:

5th Jun 2024

Episode 28 - Tony Manfredonia

Introducing Tony Manfredonia, a Michigan-based composer and singer-songwriter known for his emotive and captivating music. From epic symphonic rock to tender pop-piano ballads, Tony's genre-defying sound takes listeners on extraordinary journeys.

Performing worldwide with esteemed ensembles like the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and collaborating with artists such as The Accidentals and Bob James, Tony Manfredonia's versatility and profound compositions leave an indelible mark on audiences.

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Ben Reichstein is a skilled and dedicated sound designer for video games, specializing in the captivating realms of field recording and foley work. With a profound passion for capturing authentic sounds from the world around us, Ben has spent over 5 years perfecting his craft in the game audio industry. Notably, he has assumed the role of SFX Team Lead for the ambitious modding project TESR:Skywind, showcasing his expertise in creating immersive soundscapes. Currently, Ben is actively contributing his talents to the indie video game Call of Saregnar and working as a sound designer and implementer with 3D Realms on the exciting project Combustion.